2020 SHAG-a-zine

Sex in the Pandemic

by Katie Cones

Sex on Acid

by Finn Connor and Mickie Brown


by Marion Boyd

I never considered the neck

To be an erogenous zone

Until your lips smoothed against it

My pupils dilate

My hair stands on end

As the sensation of your lips

Brushes the dust off my sleepy nerves

And turns me into a fire hazard

Tiny jolts spiderweb down my body

Cascading across my arms

Falling down the individual ribs

As if they were stairs

Whirlpooling in my abdomen

Setting off the butterflies that sleep there

And racing down the length of my legs

Until they burst out of my toes

I slowly fizzle in your arms

As you smile against my neck

Victorious in your teasing

Illustration by Isabel Ryan


by Virginia Laurie

All Shapes, Sizes, and Colors

by Finn Connor

Sexy Haikus

A sexy haiku from

me to you honey a

winky face will do 😉

Sleek, black, and rounded

boasting up to twenty speeds

the vibrator waits.

Illustration by Isabel Ryan

Your teeth on my neck

send shivers through my body


The sound of your moans

whispering against my ear

send my heart racing.

Sweet Poison

by Estrella Burks-Parra

Three Dimensional

by Mynor Lopez

Growth in Self-Love

by Isabel Ryan

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